Wednesday, October 27, 2010



  1. Great! That top one is simply fantastic. Your colour work is just spot on to me. You can really feel the atmosphere in your universe, and it is all done so simply(or SEEMS so anyway). you make water colour look easy. Great work.

    Do you do a little rough blocking sort of colour sketch first before you commit the paint to the piece?

  2. Wow tthe lights are just awsome!! Good sphere and composition.

  3. Amazing paintings you have in your blog.
    I love the colors and the way you apply them :)

  4. Your work is just stunning,amazing watercolours


  5. Thanks for your visit and comment Wren,I admire your work a lot ,it´s very inspirational for me,thanks again.

  6. wow. i just love the way you lay down paint. I have a friend at school with me who tries to achieve a similar look, but you have mastered the technique. I will have to show her your stuff. Also, your color choices are pure brilliance. They all work in perfect harmony together, especially those warm reds/magentas and the cooler violet hues. stunning work.

    Are you published anywhere? Do you submit to art magazines?

  7. Wow - can't thank you all enough for your enthusiasm. Craig - I do rough color blocking studies - some of them are really wonderful and abstract - I should post them some time.
    Samantha, really nice of you to ask about my work actually circulating - it hasn't happened in a notable way. Maybe some time soon some of my illustration will start to trickle out into more main stream venues.
    Thanks so much.


    The piece on top here is my favorite yet of your illustrations. The composition, colour pallete, concept, handling of paint, and overall finessing is ASTOUNDING.

    You are kicking ass and deserve to blow up internationally.