Thursday, December 8, 2011



  1. Your works are great, you should be proud of them. I really like the way you developed your style, combination of watercolor touch and technical drawings. When you are working on such a complicated project as a comic, it is normal to be unsatisfied. I always remember first comic book of Asterix/ you can't compare first 20 pages with last ones and that is normal. So, just keep drawing and painting, something really big is going to happen with this stuff :)

  2. Dear Wren,
    Please be kind to yourself. Your work is always wonderful and sensitive.
    Right now, I'm working on the project and at the stage of colouring, I feel like making some b&w again. Fortunately, I have a plenty of time and a good mentor/Editor supports me well. I hope Wren, you can chest off with the staff at the project. Take care.
    Best wishes,Sadami

  3. Wren Hello !!!!!
    Thank you very much for visiting my blog.
    very encouraging with the comic, is amazing.
    I hope you can publish your comic ....... It would be great to buy it.
    The digital typography is good, not at odds with manual labor.
    I also happens when I finish a job I'd do it again.
    I think being a maverick is good, jajajaja but in small doses.
    A hug from barcelona!

  4. Watercolour here looks awesome - lovely style :)

  5. feeling low, are we?

    well, as everyone here seems to remind you, your work looks just great. The less you like it the better, it basically means you'll be still improving on the next ones, and I find it quite difficult to imagine how, so i'll stay tuned.

    And of course, thank you for your more than kind comments on my work, this time you almost made me blush.

  6. Thank you all so much, and thank you all for staying tuned. Sanja, you're the best. Sadami, I can't wait to see the project you are working on. Javier - that print layout you did is EPIC - everyone should go take a look at his piece. Mr. Rossi and Jordi - really great drawing on your blogs. Claudio, thanks for checking in - again I love the new look of your blog.

  7. WOW these pages are amazing! Don't scrap the project- it'd be such a disservice to all you've accomplished so far.

  8. I'm in the same boat as you according to your bio on the right there. My problem is that I have so much ambition and so many ideas I don't know where to start! But things are starting to smooth out on my end and when I get more practice in sequential and storyboard art I'll most def be doing some comics as well.

    I don't know a whole lot about this project but it looks very interesting. The way you compose the frames and illustrate makes this very interesting and I can't wait to see more.

  9. Hey Wren,

    This whole project is looking really, really nice. You are just sick of looking at it as it has occupied your mind for so many hours creating it. It is a normal feeling most artists feel the same with large projects you just have to overcome it and get it finished. It's looking fantastic.

    I don't seem to be getting your blog updates now. Damn blogger!

    Keep up the stellar work!

  10. Katie, thanks for joining and thanks for your enthusiasm. I am so impressed with how far you push yourself and how unique your style is. CJ, I am pleased to hear that you too are undertaking a graphic story, I will be hanging out on your blog to see how your work develops. Craig, thanks so much. Your folk tales have been kicking serious booty lately, and your commitment and consistency of product is an inspiration to us all. Have a great Christmas everyone.


  11. Its great to see how you keep working and produce such a great art.

    Love the paintings of the comic book. The drawings are perfect and the way you aply the watercolors is amazing, nice colors and very neat work!

  12. Dude, I have really wanted to see his comic finished, encourage : )

  13. Hey dude, glad you liked Brett Bean's stuff and thanks for stopping by the blog. :D Here's hoping we can get our grubby little hands on your book at a store soon! :D

  14. Great to meet you at the Image EXPO your work stood out amoungst EVERYONES work AMAZING stuff (sorry for the caps)

    Keep up the good work man you have a great future ahead of you in print.

    much respect,
    Marcus Collar
    Napa, CA

  15. Christina, Thanks so much for your consistent enthusiasm - you are definitely on the ground floor of this effort.
    Sadeu, I will personally mail you the first copy that I get in my hands.
    P.J. much inspiring stuff on your blog. You do rock. Mimi, my old friend - a visit from you is an honor. Marcus - thanks for stopping by at the EXPO and I appreciate the sample of your comic. I didn't know you did such gorgeous color work from your sample till I saw your blog. You blog won't let me comment - sadness:(.

    1. would be a very happy day for me ; )

  16. Amazing as usual. I can't help myself feeling marvelled by the use of tones, the intensity of colors. Great job, Wren!