Sunday, April 10, 2011



  1. Amazing pages,are finished? I think you can put more details in some figures,mouth and thinks so,but the color is really good,you´re a great artist with this complicate medium(watercolors)
    Congratulations,I stay tuned

  2. Dear Wren,
    Thank you for sharing such sophisticated and beautiful watercolors. But also, I feel your emotions put into characters and deep thinking. I, personally, really love the myth, "Persephone"...
    I feel you're a philosopher.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  3. Wow.
    I cant praise this enough Wren. I really love how you have handled these. I think there is the perfect amount of detail. There is enough there to sell the story and emotion, leaving room for my mind to fill in what I imagine. I LOVE the clouds behind the hot air balloon, and I LOVE the drippy general. Truly ground breaking material here.

  4. Awesome job Wren - I particularly love the last image---such a great design

  5. Brilliant!
    Your drawing base first and then your very fluid and alive watercolor on top, makes your paintings insane.

    I think I couldn´t risk so much with the water when I have such a great drawing underneath!

    Btw, I adore the cello painting you have bellow, its beautiful.

  6. Hey Wren,

    Thank you for the sweet comment. Super that you made these images turn into a graphic novel, I was suprised as I scrolled down! I think the air looks so amazing, all the colors blending together, and I specially love the man with the blue face and the head. I also love the last image with the blood. The graphic lines of the textballoons gives also a nice contrast.
    One thing: Some text needs a little bit more space on both sides of the sentence. Do you know what I mean? Sorry, if this sounds like whining, but I think it's because I did graphic design first and I always had to check those things, if there's enough space on the top and the sides. But hey, you can fix this soooo easily and your images are very very good.

  7. *and the head?

    I mean and the hat!
    Damn it's late.

  8. Gorgeous work as always Wren. And thank you for the comment, I always appreciate your input.

    The final piece turned out incredible. I'm also a big fan of the second full page, it has a really strong emotion to it, it's like John Harris, Chris Foss and Moebius all shared a lucid dream together. Beautiful work man.

  9. Hey Julkillo - god bless you for having a critical eye toward these pages and being honest about how they can be better - I was trying for a light, dreamy touch, but you are right, I was a bit too light and should have better defined the features of the characters. Not sure how much I can go back and add, but I do plan on editing and refining these pages. Thanks for staying tuned Sadami, I know that comics probably aren't your thing, but I'm glad the images and paintings appeal to you. Wow Tiffany, its great to know that my style of story telling inspires!
    Jesse and MJ, I'm feeling the love, and thank you also for taking a critical eye toward my sloppy type and rushed layout. I have lots of visionary zeal, but lack discipline and my work suffers from this lack of professional attitude. This is something I plan to work on. Christina, I'm glad you mentioned risk, that's what its all about - and I am also very pleased by the image of one of the characters from the story, Sam playing cello. I didn't think that painting was going to come out well at all.
    Scott and Micah - thanks for mentioning the last page/image. It is sort of by accident that page ended up with a strong graphic layout to support the painting - but it proves how important graphic composition is to illustration - proves it to me anyway. I am really encouraged by all your input and plan on going back to those early pages posted the beginning of this year and re-working them.

  10. Incredible handling of watercolour! Such a difficult medium to handle but you're a master at it.

  11. Wonderful work Wren! Really solid! So do you draw all these separately and then put them together? I know some comic painters work that way. I guess if you do that you need to make sure you design it all as a thumbnail first before going about the separate paintings so you keep them all cohesive. Wonderful work as always.

    by the way how many pages is this project?

  12. Hi Shoki,
    Very honored by the praise. Thank you Craig, I am glad this meets with your approval. I'm getting better at sequential art, but I'm not there yet. I am painting my panels separately and I still have a visual cohesion problem. You are correct about the thumbnails. How many pages is the project? - I don't know!

  13. Thanks for passing by wren! These illustrations are magnificent. I like them all.