Monday, April 12, 2010



  1. What kind of scanner do you have? I work on a crappy A4 Canon thing, good for line but not colour. Iif I worked traditionally like you Id be spending big dollars on a scanner. One I looked at to do colour work was around 10, 000AUS. Probably a lot cheaper now, but I think I have to spend the dollars on a hi end scanner if I want to work traditionally.

    SO maybe you need to upgrade your scanner. Shame to waste great colour work on a bad scanner!

  2. Hey,

    Thanks for the compliment. I really like your work to, and i'm happy to see a nice artist around here.
    I think the problem with the scanner is that he doesn't recognise the really bright colors. I noticed this when i tried to scan in a fluor color.
    But i've bought a a3 scanner/printer/copy thing and he is more colorsensitive! I didn't try it yet. Another good thing is... That you can print your stuff and sell it for a lower price than your art!

  3. Thanks so much Craig and MJ,

    It sounds like its time for me to quit whining and get a decent scanner - 10K us is a bit steep, but if I consider all the time I put into the painting - its worth it.
    Thanks so much for checking out the blog.